Joey’s Toy Recommendations

Note: Joey’s Toy Box can only accept new, unwrapped toys, games, etc. Also, please avoid stuffed animals as many of the young patients are susceptible to the dust and other allergens that often accompany the furry stuffed animals.

These are some basic toy ideas for the kids. The common thing among them is that they are all smaller in size. This is important especially for the kids during their treatments and hospital stays because they can more easily play with the toys while confined to a bed or treatment chair.

Young girls:

Small character figures such as “My Little Pony”, “Polly Pockets”, Disney princesses and fairies, etc.…

DVD movies such as Disney, cartoons, play-alongs

Costumes such as princesses, fun characters, etc….

Older girls:

Barbie Dolls. Always a favorite!

  1. And with Barbie dolls, all the accessories such as clothes, Barbie Jewelry, vehicles, etc….
  2. DVD movies and music CDs
  3. Nail polish and lip balms
  4. Bead kits for making necklaces

Young boys:

  1. Small characters like “Bob the Builder” and accessories
  2. DVD movies such as Disney, cartoons, and play-alongs
  3. Costumes such as pirate characters, sports players, astronauts, etc….

Older boys:

  1. G.I. Joes are always a favorite
  2. G.I. Joe accessories: weapons, gear, uniforms, vehicles
  3. DVD action movies and super-hero movies
  4. Finger skateboards and accessories
  5. Matchbox cars!!! These are also a solid hit with the boys.

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