Adult Sunday School Studies

Current Adult Sunday School Studies

  • Friendship Class:  Studies include Methodist based Bible studies, studies on Methodist doctrine, popular Christian authors, and seasonal studies. Meets in room #106.  Ages 60’s-90’s
  • Genesis Class:  Study varies, but typically studies/books by James Moore, Adam Hamilton, etc.  Meets in room #208. Ages 40’s – 60’s
  • Pathways Class:  They do Bible studies they identify themselves.   Meets in room #108.  Ages 40’s – 60’s
  • Revival Class:  Life application studies Meets in room 112.  Ages 30’s – 50’s
  • Seekers Class:  Studies the Adult International Bible lessons written by Cokesbury.  Meets in room 117.  Ages 50’s – 80’s
  • Stewards Class:  Reads and discusses the books of The Bible together in class.  Meets in room 110. Ages 30’s – 60’s